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November 23rd, 2010

From the different churches and friends that attended, the most common shared memories from everyone was that she treated many people as her own family and was a great example for others (Inspiration). Her never wavering smile and dedication to the Lord was a warm memory for many. Every single memory shared was precious and genuine.
We are very proud of her.

Thank you to:
Pastor Michael Brown for preparing and presenting for our Mother’s Service

Marge & Tom Mar graciously open their home for Anna & Kimiko friends and family.
Prepared food and hosted to everyone that attended. As of yet we have countered over 80 guest.

Also a warm Thank You to all the Families that have donated:
Rhodes, Faith baptist, Rosete, Fujioki, Gleason, Kuwahara, Hamada, Tamazami, Nakamura, Ota, Counihan, Inada, Hiroshima, Ealy, Furia, Maffeo, Gregory and more (will be updating this list)…

David, Alex, Sonny, Danny, Kevin, Mark and Joshua

So many more friends and family to thank, for the kind words, Gifts, support and encouragement…
Tibor’s, Mazure’s, Maffeo’s, Securitas inc, FedEx, Topanga Police community, LA City councelmembers,  Stephanie Mar, Adat Y’shua Messianic Jewish congregation, Messiah Baptist Church, and many many more!!!


Anna Koval, Burial:
Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery.
22601 Lassen Street. Chatsworth CA. 91311

Kimiko, Burial:
Was at Inglewood Cemetery.

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