From Anna Koval’s Son and Daughter Mike and Elizabeth.

PDF: Anna+KovalV2

We have great sorrow and displacement for our mother’s unexpected early departure to be with her Lord and Savior.

Anna has been given to her Lord and Savior on November 6th 2010. She is smiling upon you all and sends her love and support.

Anna Koval our mother and Kimiko Fujioki our grandmother both passed in an accident in Los Angeles area November 6th 2010 .

CBS article Click Here



Reflective Poem by Emil Koval #130

In My Youth, I Met An Angel

Her Hair Was Black Silk

Her Face Of Youthful Beauty

The Loving Light In Her Eyes

Brought Joy To My Soul.

Through The Passage Of Time

That Silken Hair Began To Gray.

Her Facial Features Changed

Her Physical Form Adjusted In Time

However, Her Inner Beauty

Expressed Through Her Eyes

Grew Increasingly More Brilliant

Expressing Love For All Around Her.

That Beauty Will Linger In My Essence

Until We Reunite In The Cosmos.





Reflective Poem by Emil Koval #131

United In Youth

Fulfilling Dreams

Creating Two Angelic Beings

Then, Social Changes

Separated Us By Dogma.

As Time Passed By

Ready To Be Reunited

When The Cosmic Cloud

Snatched Her Away



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